Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

42153486-tour-grimpeurJoin our exceptional installation and service team. We reward professionalism, dedication to excellence and diligence. We offer incentives and advancement opportunities to those who perform well.

We are always looking to expand our internal workforce, at all levels.

Field candidates must have professional certifications from Comtrain (or equivalent), Red Cross First Aid, OSHA certification and a valid driver’s license. All candidates must be experienced in line and antenna installations (coax, jumpers, connectors, weatherproofing, TMA, etc.). Anritsu and PIM testing preferred. Must be willing to travel, and have at least three year’s experience. Must be able to analyze situations, recognize safety issues and perform duties according to safety standards. Candidate must be willing to communicate with Supervisors both verbally and in writing. Must have high school diploma or equivalent.

Management candidates must be self motivated leaders and performance driven who require the highest standards of performance from those working on the team. Must be able to lead by example with integrity and determination, as well as motivate those around them. Candidates must have excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) to give/receive feedback and recognition, possess a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail, and the ability to investigate and solve complex problems. A Bachelor’s degree in Related Cellular Tower and Maintenance OR equivalent four years experience in similar position is preferred. Must be willing to travel, and have strong computer skills.

All candidates must pass pre-employment testing and drug screening, in addition to a driver’s record check. All candidates must be willing to make customer satisfaction their priority, must be willing to work in a high-intensity environment, and be proficient in adhering to budgets and deadlines.

Open positions:

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