Getting to Know Us

Getting to Know Us

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to safety and excellence in all aspects of our jobs by striving to deliver the best possible performance and the most professional staff. We are committed to the highest ethical business practices in our industry and community. Our people strive to comply with the highest standards to meet with our customer’s expectations as well as their own principles and become “the quality choice” for customers.

Our specialties include:


Our specialties include technical and data upgrades, as well as line and antenna installations. It is essential that line and antenna installations be impeccable down to the last detail. We not only work with the most popular brands of coax and connectors, but use the most up-to-date connecting tools to ensure the job is done properly. Our Anritsu test gear ensure that the job is done right the first time, eliminating costly do-overs.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Like any well-run machine, we realize the positive impact that regularly scheduled maintenance can have on your tower. Together, we can map a site audit that suits your needs and extends the life of your equipment. Antennas, lines and associated hardware can all be mapped out, as well as providing you line of sight photos. This can enable us to make modest needed repairs before they become more troublesome. And, we make sure your site is compliant with all FAA and FCC requirements.

Structural New Builds

Regardless of the type of tower you want, whether it be guyed, monopole, rooftop, water tower, flagpole, etc., our crews have the experience and the knowledge for your construction. We can install microwave, broadcast and cable TV, cellular, short wave, radio, any application that you need. And we will do it on time and on budget.


We will “unstack” your steel safely and expeditiously, while adhering to all guidelines requested by the customer.

Restoration Emergencies

We understand the critical nature of emergency restorations. Whether from an Act of God, or some other unplanned event, EasTower pledges to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to have your tower up and running safely and with all due haste.

Civil Construction

We will prepare your site for development by clearing and grading the land, making it ready for installation of access roads, and installing those access roads. From there, we will turn our concentration to the building of the tower, while coordinating the utilities, as well as the excavation and building of the generator foundations and equipment shelters. We will even oversee the landscaping.

The Environment

EasTower is ever mindful of the communities in which we work. Thus, we take extra care to be environmentally friendly and prudent in our work habits. It is important to us that we keep not only our reputation sterling, but, even more important, that of our customer. Our ultimate goal is our customer’s satisfaction, since that is the only true measure of our success. This dedication to excellence extends not only through our technical skills, but to our work ethic, our safety standards, our proficiency in industry standards, and the ability to allow our customers the luxury of knowing that, if a job needs doing well, EasTower’s got it covered.